The Value of Rolex Watches

The Value of Rolex Watches Rolex watches are fashionable, timeless, and impeccably crafted with the utmost precision and attention to detail.
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Rolex Watch Models

Owning a Rolex timepiece is more than just a statement; it is a lifestyle. In addition to the obvious benefits of ownership, Rolex timepieces make for a worthwhile and an equitable investment. Rolex watches retain, and in many cases, far surpass the value of their purchase price. In recent years, the demand for Rolex watches has dramatically increased, with a corresponding rise in price. Rolex timepieces are as excellent for the wrist as they are for the wallet.

Rolex Automatic Movements

Rolex manufactures movements in-house and uses a multitude of technologies and the finest materials to provide exceptional precision and reliability.

All Rolex movements are COSC Certified, meaning they withstand and pass the rigorous testing of the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, the highest standard in the industry.

Workmanship & Materials – Forging Ahead of the Curve

Rolex is one of the few privately owned companies that allows all aspects of manufacturing, quality control, and decision-making to remain in-house. Not beholden to the demands of a parent company or shareholders, Rolex is dutifully devoted to developing and manufacturing arguably the finest timepieces in the world.

Each component manufactured by Rolex is meticulously crafted to one of the strictest standards in the industry, and all are exhaustively tested prior to assembly.

Having innovated groundbreaking technology in the horological field, Rolex strives to maintain the highest standards in workmanship in each one of its precision timepieces. Rolex ensures the utmost quality by keeping all aspects of manufacturing in-house and is only one of two watch manufacturers in the world that produces all of its own components

Video: Rolex History

It was a fun-filled five days in Monterey, California, this past week, as Monterey Car Week (held over from 2020 due to the pandemic) took place in person. Not only were heritage and vintage cars in the spotlight, but also so was Rolex. In fact, at the culmination event yesterday at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Rolex awarded the winner an Oyster Perpetual watch.  The car that stole the 2021 Best of Show category: a 1938 Mercedes-Benz 540K Autobahn Kurier.

In late 2020, Rolex unleashed an onslaught of Oyster Perpetuals in a variety of colors and sizes. Notable were the – unofficially named – Stella-dial models (a reference to the rare pastel colors of 1970s-era Day-Dates). In a year that saw the release of a new Submariner, this had the watch world buzzing.

The new Oyster Perpetual lineup comes in five sizes: 28, 31, 34, 36, and 41mm. However, don’t think you’re getting the same set of watches in every size. This is Rolex we’re talking about – that would be too easy. Let’s break down the differences, and see what all the fuss is about.

Omega Watches: Accuracy & Precision


From conquering the moon to exploring the deepest seas and starring alongside British spy James Bond, Omega watches have been at the forefront of watchmaking history since 1848. The Omega Speedmaster “Moonwatch” became the first watch to be worn on the moon when Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin wore his Speedmaster when he walked on the moon in 1969. Meanwhile, James Bond’s favorite watch, the Omega Seamaster, also holds the title as Omega’s best-seller and diving enthusiasts’ most favorite watch.


Omega De Ville

While Omega watches boast accuracy and precision, they also excel in style. Dress watches for both men and women, such as the Omega De Ville and Omega Constellation collections, emphasize Omega’s elegant design aesthetics. On the other hand, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra and METAS-certified Co-Axial Master Chronometer watches are proof of the brand’s innovative spirit.

Omega Speedmaster

For a unique kind of Speedy, the Omega Speedmaster Spacemaster is a combination of digital and quartz. Omega even takes pride in its legibility, thanks to the black LCD screen with red segments. Apart from that, it has excellent durability because of its grade 5 titanium case. Among its features are a second time zone, an alarm, and a perpetual calendar. Surprisingly, this comes cheaper with the price point of $4,449 USD in spite of its features.

Omega Seamaster

A popular model in this collection is the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m, which you can get for the price of $5,200 USD for the stainless steel model. As its name suggests, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m is water resistant up to 300 metres (or 985ft). For more bling, the Omega Seamaster 300m in yellow gold can be had for around $6,800 USD. Whichever Seamaster Diver 300m version you choose, this watch is a cult classic as it’s popular for appearing in a few James Bond movies. Furthermore, its ripple pattern on the dial has become iconic in the watch community.

Famous Fans of Omega Watches

It is not surprising that a prestigious watchmaker like Omega will attract famous people all over the world. From Hollywood to the sporting world, here are some of the celebrities who are proud to have an Omega timepiece on their wrists.

Daniel Craig

As mentioned above, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m has become famous for its Bond Watch status. But even before he took on the role of the 007 agent, James Bond actor Daniel Craig was already a fan of the Speedy. In a few instances, fans spotted him wearing a personal automatic Omega Speedmaster. To add, he also has an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT and a Seamaster 300 Spectre watches in his collection.

George Clooney

Another Omega ambassador is Hollywood A-list George Clooney. In fact, he is almost always seen wearing a timepiece from the mighty Swiss brand. The model that gets the most wrist time is his sporty Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. But in more formal events, he wears a classic De Ville Tresor is Segna rose gold. In some instances, his Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT and 18K yellow gold Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch make appearances in public.

Prince William

It seems that Omega is trusted by the British royal family. The man that’s second in line to the throne has been seen wearing his Omega Seamaster Professional 300m. In truth, he is always seen wearing the same watch in different kinds of situations. From a Brooklyn Nets game to his wedding to Kate Middleton, this timepiece was present on his wrist.

Cindy Crawford

In case you didn’t know, Omega’s longest-serving ambassador is American model Cindy Crawford. The brand chose her for her impeccable taste in fashion. She’s always seen wearing an Omega Constellation watch. She even had the chance to take part in the designing of the Omega Constellation watches. 

John F. Kennedy

When John F. Kennedy took the oath of office as POTUS in 1961, he was seen wearing an Omega Ultra Thin Ref. OT3980. Reports say that it was given to him by then-senator Grant Stockdale. Furthermore, it has an engraving at the back that says “President of the United States John F. Kennedy from his friend Grant”. This watch is now a part of the Omega Museum in Bienne, Switzerland.

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