This 1958 Omega Constellation is an uncommon reference 2887-2 and represents a great value for the money in today’s market. The 2887-2 is a screw-in version of the 2852 and houses a caliber 505 automatic movement made by Omega. The 505, along with the 501, replaced the quirky “bumper” movements found in pre-1956 Constellations.

This watch and other references like it are very collectable these days, and represent an accessible entrance to the world of vintage timepieces. These watches aren’t difficult to find, and are in many ways far more interesting than modern watches that fall in the same price range of $1000 or so. At 34mm, the watch may be a bit small for modern sensibilities, but those with wrists under 7″ might be surprised at how well they fit. As the ‘large watch’ trend continues to wind down, watches like this will become more and more desirable, especially considering their storied past.

So if you don’t want to settle for one of the countless modern options housing one of a handful of movements, spend some time searching for vintage watches like this Omega. You might be surprised at what’s out there.