Innovation in materials and technology is key to maintaining market relevance for any watch brand, large or small. By updating the Speedmaster in 2012 with Caliber 9300, Omega provided a much-needed technical and aesthetic boost to the classic range, and the Dark Side of the Moon takes this a step further.

I first approached the watch with a slight dislike of all-black watches. They tend to err on the side of trendy accessory rather than serious timepiece, but the Dark Side changed my opinion for the better. The benefits of ceramic are on full display – from the deep black dial to the solid case. And while the Caliber 9300 movement could use a few small changes (and a diet), it’s still an excellent in-house movement from Omega.

The Dark Side of the Moon isn’t the right watch for everyone, though this can be said about many other wristwatches. However, even if ceramic isn’t your cup of tea, there’s no denying that this watch achieves the right balance between modern looks and technical prowess to make doubters reconsider their stance.  This is a great watch.

You can read more about it on Omega’s website here