Now this story is thrilling on a variety of levels: It means that we may have a next-generation Speedmaster in the near future. It means that this watch will be at least in some way designed by a living legend. And, finally, it means that Aldrin genuinely believes that mankind will make it to Mars in the not too distant future! Aldrin’s tweet featured the hashtag #GYATM, which, after a little digging, I found out translates to “Get Your Ass To Mars.”

Very few details are decipherable from the two photos Aldrin posted of himself and his sketches. One image features Aldrin with a high-ranking Omega official, lending legitimacy to the idea that Omega may have contracted the Apollo 11 astronaut to provide guidance on this tool for the next generation of Martian explorers.

We have already contacted Omega for more information on this Aldrin-designed Mars watch, and you can be sure we’ll have more on this one soon. In the mean time, just sit back and let your imagination run wild with the idea of what an Omega Speedmaster Mars Watch could look like, especially one designed by Mr. Buzz Aldrin himself.

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