The panda/reverse panda configuration is always a big hit with vintage chronographs, whatever the signature on the dial might be. This explains the sustained popularity of these Hamiltons, often referred to as the “Poor Man’s Carrera”. Interestingly, they were actually manufactured by Heuer, which explains why the reference number engraved on the case matches Heuer’s nomenclature, the 7723 reference being one of the economy chronographs that the brand offered. 

First thing to check, the caseback says “Stainless steel”, and not “Stainless steel caseback”, which would mean a steel caseback only, with a less desirable chrome plated case (among Heuer economy models, the reference 7723 did indeed come with a full stainless steel case, but many others did not). The dial is nice, with only small traces of aging to the sub-registers. The crown is unsigned, so it is very likely a replacement part, and given the poor fit of the endlinks one must also assume that the Hamilton-signed bracelet is not original to the watch. Lastly, I would ask the dealer what he means when describing the original hands as bearing “color matched lume”, which in the worst case scenario would imply a relume.