The Camaro is an oft-forgotten 1960s pre-automatic Heuer. Made from circa 1967 through the early 70s, it is clear how the Piquerez-made cushion case shape with simple lugs gave rise to the Monaco. While the 1960s Carreras and Autavias have reached new heights in terms of price and collector interest, the Camaro generally has remained on the sidelines.

Interestingly, the Camaro was marketed as a sports and racing watch. One Camaro from 1967 was sold on eBay last year that had been awarded to a class champion at the 1967 American Road Race Championships (to read about it, click here).

Among the most desirable Camaros are those with the Champion spark plug company logo on the dial. The origin of these watches is not quite known, but perhaps they were given to top retailers of Champion spark plugs, perhaps to senior Champion employees, or perhaps to race car drivers. It is hard to say, especially as they don’t have inscriptions on the casebacks. Champion Camaros have two registers and black dials. In addition, they typically feature the Valjoux 7730 movement, which was an economy chronograph movement  with a cam/lever with switch design developed by Venus (and acquired by Valjoux) instead of the traditional column wheel design. Camaros were made from circa 1967 through the early 70s. This one is currently on eBay and you can see the listing here.