It is rare to see those two Speedmasters side by side. On the right, the original Speedmaster with the exotic racing dial; this special version of the 145.022 goes for around $30,000 nowadays. And, on the left, a later limited edition reference 3570.40, made in 2,004 examples for Japan back in 2004. You probably guessed the one I would like to own the most – the original, of course. That said, it is fun to play the “spot the difference” game with those two. Obviously, you would notice a different bracelet, a different bezel, different indexes, and much more. So now the choice is yours between a very unusual Speedy from the 1970s or its faithful reproduction more than 30 years later. I am only worried by the following sentence in the description of the original 145.022: “The hands appeared to have been painted in orange to match the dial” – hopefully not a sign that there is something amiss.

Davidoff Brothers listed these two watches – you can find the original here and the re-edition here; the latter is priced at 7,800 CHF (or around $7,700), reflecting the attention that this modern Speedmaster is actually getting.