Well, there was no way to see this one coming. Chad Ochocinco, the man who felt the surname “Johnson” was just a little to plain jane for an athlete of his talents has gone ahead and purchased an Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project.  For those who don’t remember, the Alaska Project Speedmaster was a concept watch that Omega hoped NASA would choose to replace the standard Speedmaster Professional on space-bound missions.  The dial was white so it wouldn’t absorb heat, and the red anodized aluminum case protects the watch in a temperature range from -148F to +260F.  NASA never purchased these watches and the project was called to a stop.

Omega released a tribute to the Alaska Project a few years back and that is exactly what you’ll see on Monsieur Ochocinco’s wrist these days.  This watch is actually one of the cooler limited editions from Omega in the past few years, and yes you can remove that red aluminum shell.

(via Ochocinco on Twitter)