One thing that will be fun to watch in this sale is how the split-seconds chronographs do. I can’t ever remember a time when more mid-century splits have been available, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I remember some years ago, Christie’s offered one Duograph, and it was this little hidden gem of a watch in the middle of a 300-lot sale. When you see an Eberhard split hit the market, it’s a race to see who can secure it – same with the Cairelli split mentioned above. Here we have two Breitlings, the Universal, a Juvenia, a Record, the Eberhard, the Grana and the 4113 Rolex. That is eight freaking split-seconds chronographs out of 88 lots. You’d think, just for a minute, that these are easy to find, and for one day, in May, they will be. I say I’m not sure how I feel about the number of splits offered in the sale because, quite frankly, these are some of my favorite watches, and they have always required real dedication and knowledge to seek out and secure – and that was so much of the fun. Here they are served up on a silver platter for the highest bidder. Am I little sour over that? Maybe. Do I want every single one of them? Absolutely.