If you are buying for sheer horological value, in my opinion this minute repeater pocket watch from Patek Philippe is absolutely, positively, the watch to bid on in this auction. At 49 mm in diameter, it’s a serious piece of horological machinery; based on the inscription it looks to have been a Christmas gift to David from Harriet in 1966. I don’t know who David was but he took very good care of this watch; it looks virtually new, with an immaculate case, dial (the watch was retailed by Tiffany) and, most importantly, movement. The movement and what it can do are the real reasons to buy this watch. This is a minute repeater from Patek Philippe from the early 20th century and that means that it is, if not unbeaten, at least unmatched in terms of beauty and quality relative to anything else on the market before or since it was made. The steel work is superb – probably no one has ever done anything better – with lovely, huge jewels set perfectly in hypnotically beautiful countersinks; everything, from the general layout to the last detail of movement finishing, represents the very highest manifestation of the Genevan watchmaking tradition; and a pocket repeater from Patek, made when this one was made, is going to have a volume, clarity, and purity of tone you can’t get anywhere else.