I have a confession to make: I approached this particular round-up story with a certain degree of trepidation, because my automatic response ordinarily would be to just pick one of the new Seiko divers from Baselworld 2018 (and as a matter of fact, my quote summer watch unquote has been an SKX 007 for the last 22 years). Then I thought to myself, come on, you can’t pick another Seiko (again) – stop being so predictable and take a look at what else is out there. To my surprise, I ran across Jason Heaton’s story on the new Certina DS PH200M, and felt pretty great about its good looks, retro-tastic design, and features, and when I saw the price, I felt felt even better. The only downer to the whole exercise came at the end of his story, when he pointed out that Certina (a Swatch Group brand) isn’t distributed in the U.S. However, I bethought me to take a gander at Certina’s website where, to my surprise, I saw the price listed in USD, and a quick trip through the site’s store finder revealed that indeed, there is a point of sale for Certina in the U.S. It’s exactly one store: a Swatch Group Hour Passion boutique here in New York, on 34th Street, but lo and behold, looks like you can get the watch in the States. Handsome, easily under a grand, a solid movement – sounds like summer to me.

$780; certina.com