Ok, ok, ok, I know I always talk about and wear this watch, but what can I say I’m a Taurus and therefore a creature of habit – not to mention that this is just the ultimate summer, spring, fall, and winter watch. But this is about summer, which is my favorite time of year, so for the purpose of this round-up I will focus on that. Call me crazy, but I love summer. I’m one of those rare people that loves the heat and heavy humidity, so for me a bracelet is a must to keep the moisture at bay. I also have this weird thing about a sleeveless wrist with most watches, but the Royal Oak looks good with a short sleeve tee, a long sleeve tee, and everything in between. Not to mention, the hand-brushed links look dope in the late summer sunlight and, as you know, I am a sucker for sparkly things. I’m looking forward to wearing this watch for the remainder of the slower season.

$16,500; audemarspiguet.com