This, my friends, is my absolute favorite Lange 1 of all time. Before we get into why, I have to say that I have owned one of these since it was new, and will absolutely, positively never sell it. The 101.050 was introduced with hushed breath in the fall of 2015. This was after, of course, the new Lange 1, a with completely redesigned caliber, was shown at the SIHH of 2015. There is very little about this reference online because collectors were asked not to speak about it, but SJX does have a nice post on it here.

The watch is basically the ultimate Lange 1, in that it is cased in honey gold, which is a proprietary alloy that sits between yellow and rose gold, but with a hardness that is dramatically more ding-resistant than normal gold. Honey gold was first used in 2010 by Lange and has since then been used regularly, but sparingly. To me, it is the quintessential Lange material, and one that I just adore. These watches are the very last to use the original Lange 1 caliber, but these are far more elaborately finished than any other Lange 1 in production history. The German silver three-quarter plates here are frosted, while details are hand engraved, much like you’d find on the balance cock of any Lange. Finally, on the dial side, you have a far more complex dial with a granular finish, and recessed sub-registers.