Both 36mm and 39mm variants use the cal. 8800, and that would mean you’d be choosing the watch purely by its case size. Although the 39mm would be more in line with today’s market demand, I personally feel the 36mm hits the spot for me. It’s likely due to the dressy nature of this watch.

In the realm of integrated bracelet watches, you’d probably want the presence of a 39mm case if you were looking for a sport watch, and that would also let you enjoy the design details just a little more. That would be even truer for watches with an interesting dial execution. However, I personally think the Constellation is the type of watch that should be just peeking out under the cuff. I can easily imagine the details like the four notches on the bezel and the bracelet links calmly expressing their elegance, and I definitely think the 36mm can handle that subtlety better.

Speaking of subtle expressions, the new bracelet links exhibit that quality prominently. The bracelet retains the same cylindrical link design from the last generation, which acts as a hinge between the larger links of the same width. For this iteration, however, each side of the cylindrical link steps down in diameter, giving you an interesting visual effect of a trapped cylinder between larger links. As far as the wearability goes, smooth and rounded flanks of the links provide an excellent fit.