As with the vast majority of worldtimers, the execution of the dial has much to do with how this watch is likely to be received. While the world map here may not be crafted from cloissonné enamel or some other rare handcraft, it has a rich, textured, and vibrantly colored quality to it that makes for a striking presentation. It consists of a grade-five titanium plate that has been laser-ablated (sculpted) to create the crystal blue ocean as well as the relief engravings of the world’s major land masses. The map is surrounded by a 24-hour scale divided into night and day, and outward from there are the 24 place names. In addition to Bienne, these include New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Rio, and Honolulu, to name just some. The applied markers are treated with blue-glowing lume, as are the hour, minute and seconds hands.