The first thing most people notice about super early Speedmasters is the broad-arrow hands. Omega has used them on re-editions (though strangely not on the ’57 Speedmaster I spoke about here). People argue about whether or not they’re more functional or aesthetically pleasing than later hands, but none of that matters. All that matters is, if you’re buying a Speedmaster 2915-1, it’s got to have these hands.

Next, you’ll see that the 2915 has a stainless steel tachymetere bezel graduated to 300, with a base of 1000. The later 2915-3 Speedies could indeed feature a black aluminum bezel similar to what you’d find on a 2998 Speedmaster (because that was really a transitional model), but 2915-1 and 2915-2s need this steel bezel. Again, most prefer the black bezel of the later watches in the looks department, but it’s hard enough to find a 2915-1, let alone one with the original steel bezel. This, of course, still has it.