The official status of Omega’s Speedmaster Professional as that of “Moonwatch” is widely known and celebrated amongst enthusiasts and certainly by Omega themselves. Unlike many brand partnerships, the relationship between Omega and NASA has yielded real, tangible benefits, with the Speedmaster itself making appearances in each of the manned missions to the Moon, and even contributing to one of the greatest dramas of the 20th century, helping the astronauts of Apollo 13 return safely to Earth after an oxygen tank explosion two days into the mission. To gain a more personal perspective on this relationship, Omega sent us to NASA headquarters in Houston, where we had access to astronauts Jim Lovell (Gemini 7, 12; Apollo 8, 13) and Tom Stafford (Gemini 6A, 9A; Apollo 10; ASTP). We heard the first hand account of Lovell’s heroism, and the Speedmaster’s pivotal role in Apollo 13’s return to Earth.