For a certain kind of kid in 1969, there was absolutely nothing more deeply interesting than spacecraft, spacemen, and indeed anything to do with outer space, including space gear, and the idea that you could actually wear, on your wrist, the very same wristwatch worn by the people who were for the first time in human history, walking on other worlds, was pretty compelling. (My mother at the time was wearing a Lady Hamilton, which I still have; my father had just switched from a triple date Benrus with radium hands and a moonphase display, to an Accutron; I found both watches interesting for different reasons). It was the first watch I can remember seeing, about which I thought, “One day, I shall have that watch,” and it took several decades for me to do something about it, but when I got out of graduate school, the first so-called good watch I bought was the Speedmaster. (I had worn a Seiko 5, and later a Seiko dive watch, SKX007, all through graduate school and before, which are both certainly good watches as well, but the Speedmaster was my first really hifalutin’ watch purchase).