Of all the wrists of Mad Men, Don Draper’s has been the most scrutinised. In series one he wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox, but with replacement “Tuxedo” style dial. Season two sees him graduate to a gold Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso (we even saw a special tribute edition of the 1931 Reverso), and season 4 stepped it up another notch with a Rolex Explorer. 

So for series five the props master has specific needs. They needed a watch from 1966 (only the latest model for Don), and they wanted a Rolex.  Derek suggested that a Rolex from 1966 would be undistinguishable to a casual eye to a Rolex from 1956 or 1986, and argued that Omega, specifically the Seamaster Deville, was an iconic watch of the 60s. And that is how Don Draper ended up with his elegant and refined black dialled Deville.

Derek didn’t stop there. In consultation with the Freund he was able to supply a further four watches to the show, but could only tell us about three, because to tell us about the last one would give away as yet unaired storylines (there’s something to look forward too).

Roger Sterlings Tudor oyster prince is clearly visible in this shot.Roger Sterling was next, and his choice was an easier one. Of all the watches Derek suggested, everyone agreed that the clear choice was the Tudor oyster prince with a ‘Tuxedo’ dial. It’s a striking watch, so striking that John Slattery (who plays Sterling) wanted to buy one for himself. We certainly agree that this is a great choice for Sterling; a slightly older model than Draper’s Seamaster, but a classic piece nonetheless.