Automatic or manually wound?

As the CEO of Omega [he says, smiling], I have the right from a historical standpoint to say both. But I should be the only one allowed to say that, because we sell more manual-winding watches than anyone else, on a daily basis.

Under 42mm or over 42mm?


Left wrist or right wrist?


Speedmaster or Seamaster:

Seamaster on my wrist. Speedmaster in my heart.

If you were an Olympian (Omega is the Official Timekeeper of the Olympics), would you be a sprinter or a swimmer?

A swimmer. Because I have a great personal relationship and huge admiration for Michael Phelps, but also because those champions represent what the Olympics spirit is all about. Athletes who train hard and rise to the occasion every four years to become national heroes.

Do you spend your weekends on the water or on the slopes of Switzerland?

Honestly, I do both, because I used to be a skiing instructor, but this Christmas I’m going sailing in the Caribbean. But my first passion is definitely skiing.

London or New York City?

How can you ask such difficult questions!? I’m a huge fan of New York City, and I had an amazing time when I lived there, but I dream of Berkley Square (in Mayfair, London). London to live, New York to enjoy.

Ocean’s Eleven or O Brother Where Art Thou? (both films staring Omega ambassador George Clooney)?

Ocean’s Eleven.