I’ve always thought the Grande Lange 1 Moon Phase was one of the unsung heroes of the Lange 1 family. Don’t get me wrong, the original, no-nonsense, 39mm Lange 1 varieties are still my favorites, but the way that the moon disc is integrated into the center of the hours and minutes dial is extremely elegant and doesn’t mess with the proportions of the dial overall. Hand engraving is something Lange is known for –  most notably shown off in the so-called Handwerkskunst pieces like this and this – and it’s nice to see the brand take advantage of that unique skill set for these anniversary watches. Collectors complain all the time about the term “limited edition” being used to describe series of hundreds or thousands of watches, but with only 25 of these being made it’s about as limited as limited gets these days. I expect these to be nearly impossible to get, but if the 41mm case fits nicely on your wrist and you want a way to commemorate the Lange 1’s latest milestone, you might want to run-not-walk to your nearest Lange boutique to try one of these on.