This is a watch for which I’ve always had a soft spot. I know Jack feels the same way too. There’s something so wonderfully pure about its take on precision chronometry and the way that it balances an old-world aesthetic with modern touches to keep it from feeling too fuddy-duddy. This new black and red dial majorly ups the contemporary factor here, and I love it. There’s something a little aggressive about this Richard Lange. While its white-dialed predecessor might have politely suggested, “Sir, I keep pretty good time,” this version confidently asks, “You think you can do better?” with a not-quite-haughty laugh. 

While I haven’t yet had a chance to try this new version on yet, one thing I always forget about this watch is just how reasonably sized it is. At 39.9mm in diameter and 10.6mm thick, this is extremely wearable. Like, almost too wearable considering what’s at work inside. Many brands would make a watch like this oversized either to emphasize its complexity or due to technical limitations. That Lange was both able and willing to make this a watch that one can really enjoy is outstanding.