And then there’s the price. This watch retails for $82,500. The pink gold version last retailed for $113,500, which, as I mentioned above, makes this watch about 30% less expensive. It’s still hard to call $82,500 a “bargain” but for giving up the enamel dial it seems like a pretty great trade-off in value. The best thing about this watch is that you could wear it nearly anywhere and in nearly any daily circumstances and be all set. The black dial makes it feel just enough more casual that I could even see wearing this on the weekends without thinking twice.

So is this now the best time-only watch on the planet? Probably not. If you start looking to the likes of Philippe Dufour, Roger Smith, and Kari Voutilainen, you could find some serious competition. But those watchmakers are making a handful of watches per year, usually on a custom-order basis, they’re far more expensive than this, and you could end up having to wait months or years to get your piece. You would be hard-pressed though to find a time-only watch made in true serial production by a real multi-national company that can compete with this in a meaningful way. And that, my friends, is nothing to scoff at.

This new edition of the Richard Lange Pour le Mérite is a limited edition of 218 numbered pieces, priced at $82,500. For more, visit A. Lange & Söhne online.