Since then, Lange has released two other variations on the chiming watch: The Zeitwerk Striking Time and the Zeitwerk Decimal Strike, each of which offers a different take on the striking complication itself. For this new model, though, Lange is going back to basics. This is the OG Zeitwerk Minute Repeater from half a decade ago, but in new, beautiful blue livery. The deep blue dial sections offer a great ground for the contrasting silver bridges and the white hour and minute discs, and the white-gold case keeps everything sleek and modern looking. You also get to see the hammers and gongs right on the dial, with the former wrapping around the large, wing-shaped bridge. While this is a watch that has been around for a few years, it’s a watch that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough, and this new execution – my personal favorite yet – should bring some attention back to where it belongs.