Aesthetically, this is not a reinvention of the Seamaster by any means. And some 25 years in, you either like the skeleton hand Seamaster design or you don’t. For fans of the look, there are a number of subtle changes that re-establish this long-standing diver as a modern member of the Omega lineup. The case is slightly larger (42mm vs 41mm), but the lovely turned lugs remain, along with an updated cone-shaped helium escape valve (HeV) at ten o’clock. While Omega says this new shape allows the HeV to be operated underwater, I cannot think of a single reason why you would want to unscrew your HeV while actively underwater. It’s possible that the new design requires a greater explanation as to its function (maybe it’s for gloves? or for a better grip when wet?), but HeVs should only be opened in very specific scenarios, and none of them involve the watch being underwater. Expect an update on this later in the week.