Assuming some of you don’t know the original reference BA145.022, perhaps a bit of background is required. Apollo 11 put mankind on the Moon in July of 1969, and later that year (in November) Omega presented a special edition of the Speedmaster at an appreciation dinner for the Apollo astronauts – the BA145.022. Limited to 1,014 pieces, the first two in the series were presented to President Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew. As for the remaining 1,012 units, Omega says that 3-28 were given to NASA astronauts, 29-32 went to “Swiss watch industry leaders and politicians,” 33-1,000  were offered to the public, 1,001-1,008 went to the crews of Apollo 14 and 17, and 1,009-1,014 were reserved by Omega for other personalities (with no additional information provided on who these personalities were or are).