The team is the brainchild of Swiss entrepreneur Ernesto Bertarelli, and while it ultimately did not retain the Cup, which it gave up to the Golden Gate Yacht Club in 2010 after a successful defense in 2007, it has continued to participate very competitively in other international racing events, sailing the extremely fast and often very dangerous catamaran-hull hydrofoil racing yachts, which are capable going faster than the actual wind speed, and which can hit top speeds of 50 knots. The basic physics are straightforward – catamarans in general and hydrofoils in particular have far less wetted surface than monohull yachts as well as less mass, and with such dramatic reductions in weight and drag, they go like rockets. They are the F1 cars of yachting and, while measures have been taken in recent years to make them less hazardous to sail, they remain, like F1 cars, inherently dangerous, very high-tech, and extremely expensive.