As a follow up to last year’s Speedy Tuesday limited edition release from Omega and Fratello Watches, we have the Speedy Tuesday Ultraman, a tribute to the original so-called Ultraman Speedmaster. The  original Ultraman Speedmaster was identical to a standard Speedmaster, except for a distinctive orange center chronograph seconds hand. The model’s name is thanks to its appearance on the TV show, “The Return Of Ultraman,” which aired in 1971 – Ultraman himself was a highly popular TV character who originally appeared in 1966-67. The show is sometimes described as a kaiju show thanks to the inclusion of giant monsters in every episode (kaiju is Japanese for “strange beast”) which in turn is a subcategory of the tokusatsu (“special effects”) genre. In the show, Ultraman is a benevolent alien superbeing who co-inhabits the body of a human, who has the ability to transform into the giant-sized, super-powered Ultraman to battle monsters threatening the Earth. The catch was that Ultraman could only fight for three minutes before his energy was depleted.