With the introduction of the Master Co-Axial movement in 2013, touted as “the world’s first truly anti-magnetic movement,” Omega made it clear that technical development would remain a strong component of the brand’s identity moving forward. The new movement featured a number of novel material applications that boosted its magnetic resistance to more than 15,000 gauss (whereas most watches up until that point protected against 1,000 gauss). In order to maintain quality control over the production of these new movements – with much higher thresholds for magnetic protection – Omega has teamed up with the Swiss Federal Institute for Metrology (METAS) to develop a new certification process for anti-magnetic watches that can be utilized by any company in the watchmaking industry.

Watches will be tested according to the following quantitative metrics:

Though the standard is developed by Omega, the certification process is open not only to its models, like the Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial Jason Heaton took scuba diving earlier this year, but also to any watch that meets the standards outlined above. (Official target tolerances for certification have not been released.)

While the new certification process will focus on timekeeping and overall mechanical function under exposure to magnetic fields, Omega Co-Axial movements already undergo COSC testing for chronometer certification. Existing COSC testing methods do not subject movements to such high levels of magnetism.

In partnering with METAS, Omega leverages the Swiss institute’s expertise in measurement science. Inherently, there may be a conflict of interest in Omega developing a certification standard to which its own watches will be subject, but other brands have developed similar benchmark standards for internal use (like the Patek Philippe Seal) without the involvement of external organizations. Ideally, by working with METAS, Omega will add credence to its efforts by working with an independent government-operated entity.

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