Today in Geneva, Omega announced a new movement that is resistant to magnetic fields greater than 1.5 tesla (15,000 gauss). Introduced inside of a Seamster Aqua Terra, the co-axial caliber 8508 was introduced by members of ASULAB, ETA and Omega, all of whom had a hand in developing the new movement, which has numerous patents pending. How did they manage something 15x more resistant than a Milgauss and 2x more than even these Ingenieurs?

Most anti-magnetic watches encase their movement within soft iron, like Rolex’s Faraday cage, which distributes electromagnetic radiation in a way that cancels the field’s effect on what lies inside. Omega has removed this step, however, opting instead to construct the movement itself of non-ferrous materials. An obvious enough solution, it would seem. But it did take the combined efforts of various Swatch group assets, 

including scientists and metallurgists, to engineer the movement.