Say what you want about Patek 175’s collection, but the 5975 is an absolutely beautiful watch. That dial! Those lugs! There is so much to love here, and while a few hundred of the 5975R were made, they were spoken for before they were even announced. Again, to receive an anniversary piece from an authorized dealer, you had to be a known someone, which left lots of Patek lovers out there without one of these multi-scale chronographs. While I have loved this watch even more if had had a manually wound caliber, this watch is very cool, and I think with time it could become even more special. Remember, the 5975 was a production of one batch and done, we will not see it again, and with a Patek, you know what that means – in particular with a chronograph. Also, I believe this is the first 5975 of any metal to appear at auction (let me know in comments below if you know of another).

Antiquorum has the estimate here for the 5975R at $70,000 to $120,000 and more details can be found here.