After a 12-month renovation (which miraculously didn’t require the store to close a single day), the new space is open, airy, and charming, and includes a lower-level lounge with a remarkable array of watch safes from Buben & Zorweg, including one housing a delightful high-precision pendulum regulator clock. The general theme of fascination with precision timekeeping you feel in the store (Mr. Albers is, among other things, a trained watchmaker, and one of the works of art hanging in the store is a technical drawing of a lever escapement, done by Mr. Albers himself while in watchmaking school) is further underscored by the presence of a truly hypnotic replica of John Harrison’s H1 marine chronometer, with its double-grasshopper escapement. 

A few weeks ago, we also offered a group of VIP collectors the chance to be some of the first people to enjoy Wempe’s new home. We were joined by Philippe Bonay, President of Jaeger-LeCoultre North America for a discussion about modern watchmaking and the importance of the retail experience.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for both events, to all our HODINKEE friends, and to Wempe for a job well done!