The world of watches is a small one, and if invited to a few of the larger international horological events, one begins to realize that there are indeed some special people without which the landscape simply wouldn’t be the same. Wei Koh, the founder of Revolution magazine is one of them. He is a uniquely gregarious man – raised and educated in the United States as the son of a diplomat, he changed schools often and seldom felt at ease. In fact, he describes his childhood as one where he simply didn’t fit in. It’s a notion hard to believe if you share a meal with Wei Koh today. He is perpetually the life of the party, dressed in only the finest bespoke suits from the likes of Rubinacci and Cifonelli (he is, perhaps, more broadly recognized for the founding of The Rake, arguably the bible for lovers of fine menswear) and always with a charming story of a haphazard run-in to share.  He travels from city to city, interviewing designers, creators, and tastemakers. He is a connoisseur of, well, life. Whether it be vintage motorcycles, fine shoes, great wine, or indeed watches, Wei Koh is the definition of a tastemaker. And today, we’re talking watches.