For sure, my selection here has to be the Richard Mille RM 50-02 ACJ, which is, for some reason that escapes me, a watch produced in partnership with Airbus Corporate Jets – which would seem to make little to no sense as corporate jets aren’t exactly the most emotionally compelling possible tie-in, to put it mildly. Yet, here’s Richard Mille doing it.  And then, as always, with Richard Mille, there is the price, which is just over one million dollars; this for a watch that is admittedly complex and unique aesthetically, but still. To this day I can’t decide if Richard Mille is serious or not, but either way, he seems to be having a blast being Richard Mille, and as much as I would like to completely dismiss the watch, it’s actually very, very attractive in person.  I’ll be honest, while I struggle to justify the price on any level, this also came very close to being my “Guilty Pleasure” watch.  Guess I might have to join Ben in St. Tropez (where I have also never been).