But, while I just spent the last two paragraphs bitching about minutiae, I really did love this watch, and I believe it might be one of the best things I saw at Basel World.  The way the Speedmaster “Dark Side of The Moon” sits on the wrist is really excellent, and though it’s a little big for my liking (44.25mm) I did not find it offensive, nor would I classify this as one of those tacky “big black watches” that the purists scoff at.  Would I prefer it at 42mm? For sure, but the size is not a deal breaker for me here.  The watch is that good.  It is perfectly suited for the black Cordura fabric strap on which it sits, and over all the whole package of this watch is absolutely awesome. 

The Omega Speedmaster “Dark Side Of the Moon” will be sold later this year at a US retail price of $12,000.  As for the price? Yes, it’s a lot for a Speedmaster, no question about it.  But, when you consider the premiums other manufactures put on their ceramic cases (few of which are anywhere near as impressive as this), it becomes slightly more rational.  I am just curious to see if watch buyers as a whole will agree, and spend that much on a Speedmaster.  After all, it was just a few years ago that the average automatic Speedy was under $5,000.  Granted, this is an entirely new watch with entirely new caliber compared to those ETA-based Speedies, but is the Speedmaster brand that strong?  It might be.  We’ll find out soon enough. 

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