Universal Genève’s Tri-Compax was one of the first models I was drawn to when getting into vintage watches. Before seeing much of what the world of vintage has to offer, a wristwatch with a day, date, month, moon-phase, and, to top it all off, chronograph, is mindblowing. Especially intriguing is when this is all done in a smart and well-designed way, such as the UG Tri-Compax. The four-sub-register design works so well, never feeling cluttered, even in examples like the one we have here with large luminous kite-shaped hour and minute hands. This dial says a lot about Universal Genève back in its heyday, as the brand, “UNIVERSAL GENEVE,” and model, “TRI-COMPAX,” are both, dare I say, afterthoughts, always at least partially covered by at least one hand.