The Speedy we have here today is a ref. 145.012 circa 1968 and was originally sold by the Swiss retailer, Meister. Dubbed the “SpeedMeister,” this example is signed on the dial by the retailer underneath the “Professional” text at 12. In the world of vintage watches, retailer-signed watches are some of the most sought-after and most coveted pieces. Retailer-signed Speedmasters are not very common, and when we found this one, we knew we needed to offer it in the Shop. Between all the little details of the ref. 145.012 plus the retailer-signed dial, I can’t help but stare at this thing all day when it’s in my vicinity. Another neat thing about this watch is that the caseback has a personal engraving, “Ralph N Childs Switzerland 1968.” The original owner, Ralph, must have purchased this at Meister in 1968, which all lines up so nicely with when the watch is from and with the Meister on the dial. Click here to take a closer look at Ralph’s Speedy.