The 1970s were a decade of capricious design trends. Some have stayed relevant and desirable to this day, like the Genta-designed Jumbos of AP and Patek and others have not fared so well. Omega was all over the design map in the ‘70s. The Speedmaster Professionals of the era, despite some funky cases on the Mark II, III and IV, remain classics. However, some of their pieces were design experiments gone horribly wrong and are better left to foggy memory.

Omega took a left turn in their dive watch lineup, abandoning the classic lines of the ’60s Seamasters for the oblong, geometric and bulbous of the ‘70s. One Seamaster that has stood the test of time despite its oversized helmet-shaped case and bright blue dial, is the Seamaster 120, better known as the Big Blue. We’ve profiled this watch before on HODINKEE but today we’re featuring a pristine example that was spotted on the wrist of HODINKEE reader, Marc Langva.