Given the cost of petrol, you might be wondering if racing classic cars more than a mile uphill is the best way of spending one’s afternoon? Not in Goodwood. The British estate is home to Britain’s largest annual rendezvous for petrolheads and brings together an eclectic collection of vehicles, from vintage Formula 1s to modern rally automobiles, for an historic racing event: The Goodwood Festival Of Speed (FoS). The FoS was founded by the owner of Goodwood estate, Charles Gordon-Lennox, Earl of March and Kinrara, in 1993, and while the signature event is the timed hill-climb, there are many other demonstrations and exhibitions as well.  The estate has a long history of involvement with motorsports, with its main track, Goodwood Circuit, having been constructed around the perimeter of a World War II airfield after the war.  Prior to the establishment of the FoS in 1993, the last racing event at Goodwood was in 1966. Today, the FoS has become an enormous event with over 100,000 guests attending, and there’s a flying school at the airfield as well.

Since cars tend to attract watch collectors, it’s also happy hunting ground for those who prefer spending the day looking at people’s wrists.