One might assume Mr. Smith would be wearing one of his own watches – maybe a Series 2 or a Daniels Anniversary watch? Not so. You see, Mr. Smith’s workshop of eight people (himself plus seven watchmakers) produces just 10 watches per year. Ten. So, if he were to take one piece of the production out for himself, that would limit his profitability by 10% and he simply can’t afford that. When one of the 10 watches per year is completed, it is sent out immediately to the client. So, Roger Smith does not wear a Roger Smith, and that is beautiful.

His choice? A beautiful 1967 Omega Seamaster Chronograph in stainless steel, featuring the legendary Lemania-based caliber 321. He describes it as just “a lovely, lovely watch.” In the past, Smith has expressed admiration for Rolex as well. It’s always amazing to see what master watchmakers choose to wear every day, and which watches they hold in high regard. Hard to believe that you, dear HODINKEE readers, could own the very same watch as the great Roger Smith for under $5,000 – but it’s true. And that’s a beautiful thing.

More on the premiere of The Watchmaker’s Apprentice to come.