This is the first UR-202 to come to auction in NYCNicknamed the Hammerhead by designer and co-founder Martin Frei, this is the kind of watch that defines “contemporary horology.”

Lot 120 at Sotheby’s Important Watches and Clocks Auction on April 13th, this rare, limited edition UR-202 is encased in 18k white gold and titanium, and features moon-phase and day/night indication, as well as Calibre UR 7.02, one of the coolest looking hour and minute displays you will ever come across in a watch: the revolving satellite complication.This revolving hour display incorporates three rotating satellites that show the hour when each rotates to the bottom of the case, and when that hour block passes, the next block displays the next hour marker and so forth (the three rotating satellites contain four hour markers each: 1-4-7-10, 2-5-8-11, and 3-6-9-12).  On top of that, when each hour block rotates into use, small telescopic minute hands extend out and adjust their length accordingly to display the minutes along the base of the dial.  When each hour is up, that hour block retracts the telescoping minute hand to fit into the case, which allows this watch to be much more compact than it would need to be if the hands stayed extended.This watch is also the first in the world to feature a new winding system that utilizes compressed air via miniature twin turbines.  These turbines use air friction to control the winding system of the automatic movement, and act as shock absorbers to increase the longevity of the watch.This Hammerhead is sized at 43.5mm wide, the dial is coated in black-PVD ARCAP P40, and the hour and minute markers are treated with SuperLumiNova for those pitch black nights.  The winding crown is positioned at the center-top of the case, and not on the side, adding a terrific symmetry that perfectly distinguishes and defines such a contemporary timepiece.Dating from 2008, only 10 of these beauties are produced per year.  But how rare is that really?  Well there are almost 7 billion people on earth.  10 total watches.  7 billion potential owners.  If that’s not the definition of rare, I don’t know what is.Sotheby’s estimates that this rare UR-202 example, which includes the Certificate of Origin, box, packaging, and booklet, will have a sale price between $80,000-120,000.  For more information about Lot 120 click here.  

It should be noted that this is the first Urwerk 202 to come up for sale at auction in NYC, so collectors will be paying close attention.