Screen legend, tough guy…watch collector? As one of cinema’s most recognizable faces, Sylvester Stallone’s career has included Oscar nominations not only for acting, but also for screenwriting (he wrote the screenplay for Rocky and was nominated in 1976, making him one of only three actors ever nominated for Academy Awards in both acting and screenwriting). What many don’t know is that before the American actor hit the big time, Stallone attended (and also worked as a gym teacher for) American College in Lysin, Switzerland. He credits that change of scenery in his youth with sparking his interest in acting and screenwriting, but did living in Switzerland also mold his interest in watch collecting?

As not only a performing artist, but a fine artist as well, Stallone’s passion for design certainly runs deep. His early fandom of Panerai and his relationship with the watchmaker dating back to 1994 almost single-handedly helped burnish the brand’s current global and celebrity appeal (the actor famously presented buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger with a bespoke gold Luminor in 1996). The Panerai Luminor he wore in the 1996 disaster film Daylight is among the auction lots. Stallone is also an admirer of the work of Richard Mille, and the pair famously collaborated on a kind of “ultimate survival watch” in 2018. One of Stallone’s personal versions of that RM-25-01 is included in the auction items, as well.