Some would argue that condition is almost irrelevant when dealing with watches this rare, but those who’d make such a case are plainly wrong. Overall, it’s a great looking piece, but there are a few details to note. Namely, the case’s side has a bit of pitting at the ten o’clock position, the chronograph hand has faded, and there’s a small mark on the dial near nine o’clock. Otherwise, it’s in honest unpolished shape and free of discoloration surrounding the luminous plots, like I’ve seen on other examples. This is one of those “find me another” scenarios, so if the most coveted execution of Heuer’s Skipper is what you’re after, I’d advise jumping on this one. It should be noted that the two most recent public sales of a Skipperera, both at Bonhams, were for over $80,000 and $100,000 respectively. So either the market on these has changed dramatically since, or it might be worth digging into this particular watch a little more. Either way, it’s very rare and very cool.