Vade retro Satana, quartz movement? Well, if you can be open-minded on this matter, the 7A28 from Seiko proves very interesting to look at, being the very first analog quartz chronograph ever made, all the way back in 1982. It also powered the Giugiaro-design chronograph from Alien, and the silver dial SPR007 Roger Moore wore in the James Bond movie, A View To Kill. A comprehensive guide fully documents the merits of this high-end quartz caliber, and it does also mention the colorful Yacht Timer, with its attractive blue regatta countdown register. As with any 7A28-powered chronograph, the setting crown is placed at 8 o’clock, while the chronograph pushers give it a bit of a bullhead look.

You can find it on Ebay at an introductory price of $1,350 and no bids so far, while I was more expecting an introductory price around $500.