They say lightning doesn’t strike twice. Well, it does at MB&F. The HMX was a massive hit when the independent brand introduced it 12 months ago, and I can see this limited edition doing well once again. Made in collaboration with James “Black Badger” Thompson, the founder of Black Badger Composites (which makes luminescent jewelry and design objects) this driver’s watch – the time is displayed at a 90-degree angle so it shows when the driver is holding the wheel – is inspired by Superleggera lines. MB&F has asked the lord of the lume rings to bring his totally unique flavor to the design by injecting three timepieces with AGT Ultra. It’s not a watch for everyone, depending on taste and in a very real sense, wallet size – the new HMX will retail at a list price of $50,000. But it’s hard to deny that it looks incredibly cool.

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