There were several watches I owned prior to this one but this is my first, in a sense – it’s the first mechanical self-winding watch I ever bought. Prior to that, there had been a bit of a motley crew, including a first-year G-Shock (I still have the head, although the resin shroud and bracelet are long gone). I got the Seiko 5 from an electronics shop in the East Village, on 14th Street back when it was a much more dangerous neighborhood (there was some question as to whether the TVs and boomboxes were obtained through, you know, conventional wholesale channels). I didn’t know much about watches but I recognized the Seiko name, and I knew I wanted an automatic mechanical watch as I had a lifelong dislike of batteries in general. If I remember correctly, I paid sixty five cash for it – I had just gone back to grad school and that was a lot of money at the time. It’s been several decades but I still have the watch, and the satisfaction it gave me – it still runs fine, after being worn about as hard as you can wear a watch – led to a lifelong interest in horology, and to me being a member of that unlikeliest of professions: watch writer.