These seven watches are just a small sampling of what we’ll see from Phillips this fall. It should be noted we have already shown you a pink 2497 and mint 18k Rolex 6265 here. On top of that, they will be offering one of the first 20 watches ever made by FP Journe upon establishing his eponymous brand. There are a few more lots revealed over at should you be inclined.

As for the watches themselves? Clearly Bacs & Co. intend to further solidify themselves as the absolute leader in the sale of high-end timepieces over rivals Christie’s and Sotheby’s. What is interesting for someone who has been following this industry now for the better part of a decade is how many of these top lots I have already seen at auction – the Hermes PN, the James Bond 5513 – and how many are “known” watches, like the 1436. Seeing these watches sell every few years doesn’t call into question anything about the quality of the watch, but I would be remiss if I didn’t say that fresh to market pieces are far more exciting to me. Would I give the world to own any one of the pieces above? Certainly, in fact I could count more than a few grails from just the watches above, but the watches that get me most excited are those with histories yet to be written. Still, the importance and quality of the just the watches seen here is downright remarkable, for any auction house, and that can not be ignored.