Urwerk has a long history of experimenting with high accuracy timekeeping. Their most recent experiment in this arena is the Urwerk AMC. AMC stands for “Atomic Master Clock” and the basic idea behind the AMC is a very old one: you have a portable watch, which may keep time reasonably accurately but you would like to have it be corrected by a more accurate time standard from time to time.

The first watchmaker to experiment with this idea was Abraham Louis Breguet. His Sympathique clocks and watches consisted of a pocket watch that could be docked to a high precision pendulum clock, which would automatically set the watch and wind it. The Urwerk AMC takes this idea and brings it into the 21st century: the master clock is no longer a high precision pendulum clock with a constant force escapement, but an atomic clock. Let’s take a closer look at how the inspiration of one of watchmaking’s greatest geniuses has been reinterpreted by one of modern watchmaking’ s most innovative companies.