Making this watch presented the ambitious young company with a number of challenges. This watch was the first Urwerk that utilized a more three-dimensional, architectural case construction. The UR-101 and 102 cases were originally hand-lathed by Baumgartner’s brother, but that was impossible with the UR-103. This meant they had to bring CNC machines and 3-D design tools into the mix, which came with their own set of challenges and benefits. Martin Frei, Baumgartner’s co-founder and the one largely responsible for the UR-103’s design, was living in Brooklyn, New York, at the time, and this meant he needed a computer to plan out this new case. Frei ordered a computer from the legendary camera and electronics store B&H and waited patiently, but it never showed up. As it turned out, it had accidentally been delivered to a sketchy workshop somewhere else in the warehouse complex and his landlord never bothered to tell him. Luckily, he found it before someone else scooped it up. Could you imagine if Urwerk had gone down due to a simple lost package?