It would be hard to hide our love for the original references, since Jack and I respectively own a Turtle and a Samurai. By coincidence, my Samurai (the reference SBDA003) is actually the former blue offering, so it will make for an interesting comparison with the latest edition. Note that this blue watch only came with a titanium case then, while black, white, and orange dials were available in the stainless steel case, the material chosen for both Blue Lagoon limited editions. The case dimensions of each are roughly similar, sharing a 13mm thickness and a 44mm diameter – at a 43.8mm diameter for the Samurai and 44.3mm for the Turtle, if we’re being really specific. Both wear much smaller though, so don’t get scared away. These are clearly not small watches, but they were never intended to be as they were designed to be strapped around a diving suit. It must therefore be remembered that a bigger size of the dial and bezel allows a better overall visibility, the key criteria for any watch aimed to be used underwater.